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RT Kinetics offers custom-tailored kinesthetic relief to clients experiencing injuries, pain, or trauma from an accident. Your body’s motion and muscle kinetics require careful care and recovery to maximize your body’s range of motion. An experienced and registered kinesiologist is ready to help you start or continue your recovery journey. Take care of your body, book a consultation with RT Kinetics today.

Meet Radhika

Radhika is an experienced and registered kinesiologist who wants to help you address your injuries, post-concussion rehabilitation, and muscle toning needs, among many other services. Click here to learn more about Radhika and how she can help you.

Experience the Kinesiology Advantage

RT Kinetics promises skilled expertise to our clients in providing a variety of services such as pre-employment testing, ergonomic assessments, veterans’ services and injury rehabilitation.
Book a free consultation with our registered Kinesiologist, who can then advise on a virtual or in-person program customized to your needs.