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Injury Rehabilitation

Acute musculoskeletal injuries or chronic conditions (neurological or musculoskeletal), experience the Kinesiology advantage with individualized exercise programs to help guide your recovery into a better quality of life

Ergonomic Assessments Ottawa & Surrounding Areas

Office Ergonomic Assessments

Proactive, comprehensive and customized ergonomic assessment services. In person or virtual, have our experts review your work or home environment to determine your work injury risks and provide optimized solutions for a more comfortable work environment. Find out more.

Comprehensive Assessment

  • A thorough onsite review of workstation, job tasks and work environment.
  • Examining work methods and suggesting optimal work equipment settings as well as methods
  • Incorporating movement and change of posture into the workday 
  • A Comprehensive Ergonomic Findings and Recommendation Report with specifications on equipment and settings adjustments recommended for the employee, along with rationale.

Ideal for any employee suffering from discomfort, off work as a result of an injury or having challenges while working at their workstation

Proactive Ergonomic Assessment

  • A comprehensive onsite or virtual assessment with a summary report.

Ideal for general overviews of offices and workstation layouts, new employees and new equipment

Pre-Employment Testing

Warehouse, construction or trades, we provide a comprehensive Physical Demands Analysis (PDA) to ensure that your potential employees can meet the physical requirements of the job.

Veterans’ Services

A heartfelt thank you for your service. Now please let us serve you with individualized Kinesiology sessions to meet your needs – whether it is fitness goals or injury rehabilitation, we will be there for you. Find out more here.

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